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Jolteon/Scyther for a Pokemon Fusion Art Contest.

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Drawing warm ups!

I got lucky on getting a fucking neopet on my first click

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I thought it looked like a weird little thing hiding out in an old shed Ekans skin.

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I was playing a hacked pokemon game recently called “Pokemon: Mirage of Tales”, which is a fanmade story about a boy/girl who grew up as an orphan, and was given a scholarship at a pokemon trainer school because of their astounding ability to befriend pokemon. Moments after going off on my own, I caught a sandshrew. I was super excited because it evolves into my childhood favorite, but I quickly found out that the person who modified the game… forgot to change out the pokedex descriptions…

So what I think would be awesome to see, whether you draw it or someone in general who has better art skills than me, would be a cross between a Sandshrew/Sandslash and a Skarmory or Fearow, leaning more toward the former duo than the latter in appearance.

Can this be done? Thanks either way.

Mod: You heard it guys! Anyone up to draw this? Sounds interesting enough! Please don’t forget to submit the result here if you actually do it. :) <3 Also mod is very sorry for inactivity, roleplaying kind of took over my life ahhaa.


Type: Grass, Ghost

Pokemon used: Cressilia, Gardevoir, Mismagius and Jynx

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Mod here! Just thanking all my followers and submitters! You are the best, really! And don’t be shy to keep submitting, I am really happy whenever I see your guys lovely art in my inbox! (and it will help the blog staying alive hehe)

Anyway, Mod out ~

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me trying out new stuff

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